Salmon Teriyaki

A prime fillet of pink salmon, glazed with teriyaki sauce on a bed of fresh spinach, topped with sesame seeds and straws of fresh leeks. Served with Chinese Noodles.

108.00 EGP
Shrimps BBQ on a Skewer

Grilled shrimps served with chili sauce.

114.00 EGP
Seafood Terrina

Sicilian fisherman oven – baked seafood with creamy mushroom sauce, topped and garnished with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

73.00 EGP
Seafood Platter

Homemade marinated mix seafood (shrimps, calamari and fish) served in a creamy lemon dill sauce.

89.00 EGP
Seafood Capo

Grilled fish fillet, topped with creamy mushroom sauce, mustard, shrimp & capers.

92.00 EGP
Grilled Fish

Marinated grilled fish fillet.

71.00 EGP
Fish Butter Lemon

Grilled fish fillet, topped with butter lemon sauce.

73.00 EGP
Seafood Rice

Our significant seafood plate. Lightly seasoned shrimps, calamari, fish and oysters, colored pepper, slowly cooked in red rice. Served on a skillet.

66.00 EGP